Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition 4K Comparison Video Highlight Ray Tracing Differences and More

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A new Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the differences in ray tracing quality and more between PC and console versions.

The new video, which has been shared on YouTube by ElAnalistaDeBits, also provides information on the dynamic resolution range for the console versions of the game, texture quality differences, load times, and more. Needless to say, the PC version comes out on top, while the Xbox Series S is the one that trails behind, with a much lower dynamic resolution range, worst texture and shadow quality, and more.

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- The PC version runs at 2160p using DLSS in quality mode with an RTX 3080.
- SeriesX and PS5 run at a dynamic resolution of 1080p~2160p, but SeriesX maintains a higher average resolution. SeriesS runs at dynamic 576p~1080p resolution.
- Loading times are faster on Series S|X.
- The 3 console versions maintain a good rate of 60FPS. Series S|X suffer random drops of one or two frames, but they are practically imperceptible.
- All Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition versions use Ray-Tracing in global lighting, although it is more limited on consoles. SeriesS in some areas does not seem to render light bounces well.
- Regarding shading, the PS5 / SeriesX versions have a somewhat lower quality than the PC. The SeriesS version must settle for a lower quality and the absence of shadows as in certain vegetation.
- The PC version still has a clear advantage in texturing, especially due to the use of tessellation. Series S has a somewhat lower quality than PS5/SeriesX.
- On PC, the drawing distance and shading in distance are higher compared to SeriesX / PS5. SeriesS, in this case, has a fairly limited draw distance in open areas.
- It would have been interesting to offer a version without RT in SeriesS to obtain a higher resolution, but it's a great work on all platforms.

Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S worldwide.

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