Meta’s Quest 2 Pro Aims to Undercut Apple’s AR Headset With Competitive Pricing, Early Launch Timeline – Other Specs Shared by Analyst


With Apple’s highly rumored AR headset still months away, this gives Meta the ideal opportunity to enter the market with its Quest 2 Pro. An analyst’s latest predictions state that Meta’s mixed reality headset is expected to be cheaper than what Apple brings to the table, but that also means not having the best components.

Quest 2 Pro Will Not Rely on Custom Hardware for Video Processing and Will Use mini-LED Instead of micro-OLED

Meta is expected to adopt mini-LED technology for the Quest 2 Pro, along with 2P pancake lenses, for improved visual quality, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Where Apple’s AR headset is rumored to feature micro-OLED, which is costly to make and incorporate, the Quest 2 Pro takes a different direction, which is not a terrible strategy, assuming that it does not compromise the image quality and viewing experience.

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The Quest 2 Pro will also support eye-tracking, facial expressions, and 3D sensing, all thanks to the inclusion of a whopping 16 cameras, 10 of which are present on the headset, while three are present on each controller. Extra cameras will enable multiple technologies in unison, allowing for a mixed reality immersion session that includes both AR and VR applications.

Kuo also believes that the Quest 2 Pro will be priced at $799 or higher, which is relatively modest compared to what Apple’s AR headset is rumored to cost. Some reports claim that Apple’s head-mounted wearable could be priced at a whopping $3,000, while separate info brings that price down by a third, stating that the device will cost $1,000. In terms of processing power, the Quest 2 Pro could be lacking some much-needed kick, as Kuo predicts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 will power the headset.

In comparison, Apple’s AR headset is said to feature two SoCs, a 4nm one and a 5nm one, both of which will carry out different tasks, with the device’s capabilities said to be equal to the company’s M1 silicon. Mass production of the Quest 2 Pro could start from the third quarter of 2022, with a launch likely being held in the four quarter. Shipments may reach about two million units, giving Meta a significant time lead against Apple.

News Source: Ming-Chi Kuo