MercurySteam Wants To Leave Behind The Belmonts For Contra


Dave Cox served as head during Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's development, and is now doing two more Castlevania games. First being Lords of Shadow 2, on the home consoles and the second is Mirror of Fate, in development for Nintendo 3DS. But that might be the end for his and MercurySteam's time with with the iconic franchise, Castlevania.

MercurySteam made the first Lords of Shadow pretty. Oh so pretty.

Speaking with VG247, Dave Cox said that he doesn't want to be known as Mr. Castlevania, since he's been working on the franchise since the beloved 1997 installment Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the PSOne. Says Cox:

"I want to do something else. I love Contra. I’d love to do Contra. At Mercury Steam we’ve got an original idea that I think is really awesome. We’d love to bring that idea to market and I’m hoping that the success of Lords of Shadow 2 will allow us to do that.”

 The first Lords of Shadow was a surprise hit. It sold well enough to warrant a sequel and it was positively received by the media as well. I maintain that the ending for the first game is one of the best this generation. But while Cox and co. did a great job, they want to pass the Castlevania torch to someone else and do something with Contra.

Contra was big back in the day, well known for being unforgivably difficult. If Mercury Steam gets their green light for Contra, they might be able to revive the series the way they did with Castlevania and they might have a real winner on their hands. But for now, they are concentrating on the new Casltevania games. But we wish nothing but the best of luck for Dave Cox and MercurySteam in all their endeavors.