Meizu M2 Note Is Only Able To Score 31,111 Points in AnTuTu

Under normal circumstances, a smartphone that is supposed to the successor of another handset is expected to carry far better hardware specifications. Unfortunately, Meizu has taken a different approach with its newly released M2 Note. Unlike M1 Note, which scored in excess of 40,000 points in the popular smartphone benchmarking program AnTuTu, M2 Note is only able to score a measly 31,111 points, which is highly disappointing.

Contributor Of M2 Note And Its Reduced Score Is A MediaTek 6735 SoC, Lowered Cpu Clock Speed And Less Powerful Mobile GPU

According to Weibo, a screenshot clearly shows that the test was carried out on Meizu M2 Note. You will clearly be able to see that the score obtained by the handset is 31,111. Before its official announcement, M2 Note had several leaks sprouted where it suggested that the smartphone was running MediaTek’s MT6735 SoC, which clearly trails behind MT6752 present in M1 Note.

It is possible that M2 Note was fitted with lower end hardware specifications in order to save costs, stamp on a smaller price tag and cater to a larger audience but M1 Note owners will be severely disappointed as far as this release is concerned. MT6735 is running an octa-core processor at a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. In comparison, all the eight cores present in M1 Note are running at 1.7 GHz, giving the latter an immediate edge in the benchmarking application.

Additionally, the GPU present inside M2 Note is a Mali-T720 MP3, which runs slower than the Mali-T760 present in the handset’s predecessor. RAM value is the same across both smartphones, which does not help the performance meter for M2 Note.

After looking at the overall scores, would you settle with M2 Note, seeing as how it only carries a price of 799 Yuan (approximately $128.66 USD)? Let us know your thoughts.

Image source: Weibo



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