MEIZU’s First mCharge Supported Smartphone Will Arrive Next Year

Omar Sohail

Having a smartphone that can charge completely in 20 minutes might sound like a distant dream but not when MEIZU debuted this technology called mCharge during the MWC 2017 trade show. However, for those that wanted to see the smartphone in action that would actually support this technology is not going to be arriving this year.

MEIZU Claims That Its mCharge Technology Will Be Able to Deliver up to 800 Charge/Discharge Cycles Before the Battery Loses Its Overall Capacity

MEIZU has been known to be the only smartphone manufacturer that relies on Samsung for its chipsets to be placed inside its high-end phones. Due to licensing disputes with Qualcomm, it looks like MEIZU can only rely on Samsung for its SoCs. The next flagship smartphone from MEIZU will be appearing in 2018 and should provide support for mCharge. For those of you wondering, the charge rating of mCharge is 11V/5A, surpassing that of the Dash Charge technology from OnePlus.

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Now the obvious thing that readers will be looking for is how the phone manufacturer prevents the components from overheating and eventually frying. The 11V/5A rating means that 55 watts of power will be delivered to the smartphone, so what’s stopping the charger and cable from going up in smoke? MEIZU claims that the data cable and the charger being supplied with the upcoming flagship will be able to deliver up to 160 watts, which is way above the 55-watt threshold.

Another thing that you guys must be worried about is that since heat is the primary killer of electrical components and will eventually cause the battery’s overall charge to reduce overtime, will mCharge just expedite the process? MEIZU states that even if users continue to use this technology, it would take them around 800 charge cycles to finally reduce the battery’s charge capacity to 80 percent, meaning that by the time the phone’s battery actually starts to degrade you will probably be looking in the phone market for a brand new one.

During the MWC 2017 trade show, MEIZU demonstrated that a 3,000mAh battery was charged in 20 minutes, so depending on the phone’s battery capacity, it might take you slightly longer to juice it up.


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