Meet The ‘iPhone 6 SE’ That Should Have Been Made By Apple – Video

Ali Salman

Before the iPhone SE was officially unveiled on the March 21 'Let us loop you in' media event, there were quite a handful of designs that we were expecting. One one them was an iPhone 6s-like device that housed the device in absolute aluminium unibody design, the same way as the iPhone 6 and 6s. Moreover, there were leaks suggesting that the iPhone SE would be identical to its elder sibling. In the end, it did not turn out to be that way. The dimensions and form factor of the device matched with that of the iPhone 5s instead, while boasting features of the iPhone 6s.

iPhone SE colors

iPhone SE Crammed Into An iPhone 6s-like Housing

While some of you love the the design of the iPhone SE, others are just not convinced enough to accept a design that was introduced years ago. If you love the 4-inch display of the iPhone SE and the body of the iPhone 6s, there seems to be a workaround that might solve your problem. However, the procedure might not be for the faint heart as it involves hardcore disassembling and reassembling of the device. For more details check out the video below.

With all thanks to Computer Bild, the guts of the iPhone SE were extracted and refitted in a fake 4-inch iPhone 6s-style housing. The result is a device that should have been made by Apple. The display of the iPhone 6 SE was forwarded from the iPhone SE along with other internal parts. It's clearly not an easy task and should not be implemented if you lack the engineering behind it.

“Only attempt the iPhone conversion if you’re a pro. If you have never opened an iPhone before, you are most likely going to fail.”

Nonetheless, if you think you have the extreme love for technology and you have that technical knowledge to back it up, you can also get yourself an iPhone 6 SE. However, the fake iPhone 6 casing belongs to China and as per the original publication, it might not be the same quality as the genuine aluminium plate. The buttons can be a little hard to press and you won't see the finishing that you're fond of on all Apple products.

The iPhone 6 SE is the art of true modification in mobile. What do you think? Would you prefer a smaller 4-inch display on the iPhone 6s body? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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