The Matter Home Standard Goes Official – Nearly 200 Certified Devices, With More to Follow

Omar Sohail
The Matter Home Standard Goes Official - Nearly 200 Certified Devices, With More to Follow

With the launch event concluded in Amsterdam, the Matter home standard is officially here and arriving for nearly 200 certified devices right off the bat, with more to follow. The Matter 1.0 standard was introduced around a month ago courtesy of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) and promised to bring significant changes to the smart home ecosystem.

Numerous Brands That Churn out Smart Home Products, Like Nanoleaf, and Amazon, Have Launched Their First Products That Support the Matter Home Standard

Matter’s director of smart home, Marja Koopmans, believes this standard will simplify the development for a boatload of device manufacturers.

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“Matter presents a new opportunity to further simplify development for device makers and add to the customer experience of smart home devices from a range of different companies and brands.”

Companies such as Eve, Aqara, Nanoleaf, and Amazon have come forth with their own range of devices, with other firms such as Apple and Google expected to launch their family of smart home products that support the Matter standard shortly. The standard itself is meant to make smart home devices better and work in a more unified fashion. Assuming Matter evolves with time, users can adjust their products depending on which software assistant they are using.

The biggest hurdle right now is that a majority of smart home devices do not work as intended, creating tons of headaches for customers who head out or order these online. CSA aims to make all of these products reach a common ground and work reliably, though it will take some time. We are certain that the majority of hardware releases from giants like Apple should include a Matter badge on the packaging, so consumers are aware in advance that the smart home device will work in unison with all the other products they have installed.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung’s SmartThings will all be Matter apps on Android. On iOS, you will be able to use the Home app. Let us hope that this unification aids the customer instead of making things even more confusing.

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