Mass Effect Trilogy May Not Feature All Single Player DLC

Fans were pleased to hear that Bioware was working on making a Mass Effect Trilogy pack for the PC / XBOX 360 and the PS3, the former being the only platform without Mass Effect 1 will finally be able to see it come true and some proud trophy hunter can get to work on earning his platinum, but today it was revealed that all 3 games may not feature their DLC. The distribution of DLC on platforms vary but for the most part the console users (XBOX 360 and PS3) seem to be getting the short end of the stick with the Mass Effect Trilogy pack but PC users aren't so lucky too.

The Mass Effect Trilogy pack was thought to be a pack which fans would be able to look forward to as the ultimate library of all the previous DLC released and for new comers of the series to play the complete game in one sitting but alas it seems that Bioware and EA have collectively come up with new ways to make us pay for more when it should be making us pay for less.

So far the tally is as such

Mass Effect 1:

PC Will get Bring Down the Sky DLC and Pinnacle Station as on Disc DLC while both will be available through XBL Marketplace / PS Store for purchase.

Mass Effect 2:

This applies to all the platforms; Everyone will get the Cerberus Network pass which will give them: Zaeed - The Price of Revenge, Arc Projector Heavy Weapon, Cerberus Assault gear, The Firewalker Pack and the Normandy Crash Site mission. But you may also notice that some important DLC's are also missing such as Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi: Stolen Memory and no Arrival.

The three important DLC's have been left out of the pack and are once again available for purchase separately from your respective store.

Mass Effect 3:

Once again the same story on all platforms: The game will come with a standard online pass giving access to all the free coop DLC till now (whether they will be on disc on it isn't told) and the mention of From Ashes, Leviathan or Omega DLC still remains a mystery.

It seems that Bioware doesn't get the idea of a Game of the Year Edition if this is what they are going for. Batman: Arkham Asylum & City, Mortal Kombat and many other games are good examples of GOl TY Editions done right, Bioware is still choosing to selfishly hold back integral story content and keeping it as "added purchase required" which totally defeats the purpose of such a pack to begin with. I thought the purpose of Mass Effect Trilogy was to give players the complete Mass Effect experience but it looks like nothing has changed, We are still paying for part of the game and will continue to pay for the rest.

The Mass Effect Trilogy will be headed for the PC / XBOX 360 on November 6th and on a later date for the PS3. Let's hope something changes before then.

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