Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Can Run at 60fps on PS5, 120fps on Xbox Series X, 240fps on PC

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just a bit over a week away, and BioWare has shared what kind of visual and performance options players will have. Of course, the PC version will allow you to fully tweak your presentation, with performance up to 240fps. Meanwhile, all consoles will offer quality and performance options, even the base Xbox One and PS4. And yes, as with other games, differences in how backward compatibility is handled means the Xbox Series X is getting a 120fps performance mode and the PS5 is not. You can get the full console performance report below (click the image for full resolution).

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Meanwhile, BioWare is also offering a variety of Deluxe Edition content included in the original releases of Mass Effect as a big download, which is already available. This bonus content includes…

  • 88 Iconic Tracks - Download and enjoy your favorite music from the trilogy. Tracks include "Mass Effect Theme," "Uncharted Worlds," "Suicide Mission," "Illusive Man," "Leaving Earth," and many more.
  • 2 PDF Art Books - Delve deeper into the saga with two exquisite digital art books (for Mass Effect 2 and 3) from BioWare.
  • 2 PDF Comic Books - Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with two limited edition digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics. Mass Effect: Redemption #1 and Mass Effect: Invasion #1.
  • Normandy Digital Lithograph - Show off the best ship in the fleet with a digital lithograph featuring the Normandy in the heat of battle.

Finally, in a fun little extra, BioWare has put up a Mass Effect key art creation tool that lets you decide which favorite characters you’d like to include. Check it out here.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (and playable on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 via backward compatibility) on May 14.

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