Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Bonuses And New Screenshots Revealed

Rizwan Anwer

Mass Effect 3 is one of the most highly anticipated EA Games titles coming out this year in March, while the game has had plenty of attention with trailers, screenshots and more details regarding the story and combat it is now time to address the pre-order bonuses of the game which will give players an advantage over those who don't pre-order and will eventually be available for sale to the public a few weeks after it's release. But hey with EA who can argue about pre-order bonuses right?

You can avail pre-order bonuses from Origin and GameStop but the better deal is with GameStop.

While EA has been putting pre-order bonuses with almost every game they release, Mass Effect might just have the best pre-order bonuses you can ask for which can give you an upper hand in fighting the reapers and any other threats that come your way.

You can pre-order the game from 2 sources; EA's PC client "Origin" which will give you a "Raider Shotgun" and pre-ordering from GameStop will give you: "N7 Defender armor with amplified shields, an N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle and the M55 Argus Assault Rifle"

While the items have a lot of appeal and really will give you an upper hand in finishing the game faster than the other players its a shame that the best pre-order goodies are only available with GameStop. But these "exclusive" pre-order bonuses will eventually find their way on the Origin store as a bundle deal for a reasonable price some time after the games release.

Here is a description of each of the pre-order items:

Shrug off enemy fire with the N7 Defender Armor and its amplified shields then drop the opposition with high caliber fire from the N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle. When the enemy has overwhelming numbers bring the M55 Argus Assault Rifle into battle and unleash rapid-fire bursts to even the odds. If the enemy gets too close, stop them dead with the AT12 Raider Shotgun and its superior firepower.

If you wanna see the items in action see the videos below:

The game will launch on PS3 / XBOX 360 and the PC on March 6th 2012, so be sure to mark that date on your calender if you are a fan of this amazing game series.

Small Tip: All of the above images are native 1920x1200, you can right click on them and open in new tab for the full resolution and use them as wallpapers if you wish :D.

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