Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming To XBOX LIVE And Feature Kinect

Rizwan Anwer

The reapers are coming and you are going to need every thing at your disposal to ensure that Shepard and his crew win this war; you have a loyal crew, pre-order bonuses and a man / woman who will stop at nothing to make sure that this is either humanities last stand or its long awaited demise. The only other asset you could possibly use is the power of your voice.

That's right folks Mass Effect 3 will feature Kinect allowing players to control the characters on the screen with their voice and issue almost every available command to their squad mates and Shepard too but would you rather sit quietly and play the game or shout commands at your TV using the Kinect? If you are one who prefers the latter than you should download the upcoming Mass Effect 3 demo which will offer Kinect Support giving you an early demonstration of what Kinect will be like in Mass Effect 3.

The days of sitting on your couch and playing with the controllers are now a thing of the past, a trend which started with the Wii later on came to consoles in the form of Kinect and Move, where players were encouraged from being Couch Potatoes to standing in front of their TV waving their arms to play games. But Mass Effect 3 will take it to the next level by making players capable of shouting commands to their squads, Shepard and even on the screen prompts and dialogues. In other words the controller will only be for movement and shooting while the main action of the game will be delivered through shouting into the Kinect (but mainly aiming it at your TV obviously).

I may not be the biggest fan of the Kinect but I am not a bigger fan of the Move either, I prefer my video games on the chair and quiet, the above trailer is showing off that Mass Effect 3 is "Better with Kinect Sensor" but is it really? I mean I for one would feel like an idiot shouting at my TV. I already get odd looks from people when giving orders to my phone via Siri or Microsoft TellMe when I am in public, but at least with this I can be safe at home and only be ridiculed by the people residing and people who visit.

The demo will be out on February 14th and will available on XBOX LIVE for free of cost of course but I would say this would be a good time to get used to the Kinect compatability if you do plan on beating the entire game using the Kinect.

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