Marvel Universe Actor Criticizes Apple’s MacBook Air for Having a Choppy Webcam

Marvel Universe Actor Criticizes Apple’s MacBook Air for Having a Choppy Webcam

Apple’s newest 2020 MacBook Air has a few nice things about it. It features the newly designed keyboard mechanism, and it boasts better performance thanks to the addition of a quad-core processor. It also sports several Thunderbolt 3 ports for maximum data throughput, though you’ll need to hook up additional dongles to get the job done. Unfortunately, one area where Apple continues to skimp out on is the webcam, and it’s something that even Marvel Universe actor Clark Gregg mentioned.

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For some odd reason, the MacBook Air continues to sport a ‘potato-quality’ webcam and it’s quite interesting to see this because Apple spends so much time focusing on the little things, like impressive build quality, sleekness and more. Clark Gregg notices this about the MacBook Air and decides to call out Apple in the following tweet.

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Hi. Big fan for 30+ years.

I stuck even when you bugged up the iphones to get us to buy new ones (lame) But I just bought my nearly high school graduate a new MacBook Air to use for what will probably be zoom university in the fall and the web cam is awful. Why?”

Considering that lots of work is done at home and you need a solid webcam for such a setup, Gregg wasn’t too happy about the poor image quality from the MacBook Air’s optics and decided to let Apple know. He also says that this is his second Mac purchase so far and believes that if the company doesn’t put customers first, it’s business practices will end up being as outdated as the PowerBook 100.

When it comes to the MacBook Air’s webcam quality, are you satisfied with the results? Let us know down in the comments.

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News Source: Twitter (Clark Gregg)

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