[UPDATED] Major French Distributor Claims PS4 Neo 4K To Release This Year

PlayStation 4 Neo

[UPDATE 1] Following our report from yesterday, French distributor Innelec Multimedia has now released a statement in which they deny to have information on the PS4 Neo 4K.

“Innelec denies any official information about the launch of a PS4K Neo.

it’s possible that during the fiscal year 2016/2017, some evolutions could happen on the current PS4, but we don’t have any information about their nature for the time being”

Whether their original statement is true remains unknown, but it could be possible that their press release was just badly put together.

[ORIGINAL STORY] A major French multimedia distributor claims that the Sony’s upgraded PS4, the PS4 Neo 4K, will be launching this year.

While Sony hasn’t officially discussed their upgraded console, expectations are that that the rumored PS4 Neo is to be released this year to accompany Sony’s VR device, PS VR. It is possible that PS VR is one of the major reasons that Sony will be releasing an upgraded version of their successful PS4 console.

It is said that the PS4 Neo will feature a 36 CU Polaris GPU with more than 4.19 TFLOPs of horsepower. If rumors are correct, the new PS4 Neo consoles will ship with both a ‘Base’ mode and a ‘Neo’ mode. While the Base Mode will run the hardware virtually indistinguishably from the PS4 original models, the new Neo mode will allow developers to gain full access to the increased hardware capability of the PS Neo.

Although the PS4 Neo remains shrouded in mystery, a recently published earnings report from French multimedia distributor, Innelec Multimedia, mentions the arrival of the PS4 Neo 4K this year (thanks to NeoGaf user Get_craycray for the translation). The earnings reported was spotted by French blog Otaxou.

"The fiscal forecast for 2016/2017 should be pushed by the videogame industry, during the first semester, with the arrival of the PS4 Neo 4K, an evolution of Sony’s PS4 console with new features and the release in October 2016 of the virtual reality handset the Sony VR."

Innelec Multimedia is a major French multimedia distributor working for Activision, Electronics Arts, E.M.I., Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Symantec, Ubisoft, Universal Music, and Warner Bros.

While a lot of gamers are eager to get their hands on Sony’s upgraded PS4, most developers aren’t too happy with the PS4 Neo, if Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriarty is to be believed. According Moriarty, the extra cost, planning and “other nonsense” that comes with the upgraded PS4, isn’t something that most developers are excited for.

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