MAINGEAR PC Wants You Mining! And Now Takes UKG (Unikoin Gold) As Payment

I have been messing about in the mining scene for years.  Started off when I was chasing the hash rate back in 2012 when I was mining LTC and FTC and was rekindled with ETH earlier this year.  I've seen retailers and etailers jump on the excitement of cryptocurrencies but never did I expect to see systems integrator like MAINGEAR to jump in full body to the mining scene.  Not only willing to build and distribute mining rigs but also take the currency as payment takes a lot of faith in the coin to see that happen, which MAINGEAR CEO Wallace Santos has.



Meet the MAINGEAR ACM, or Advanced Crypto Miner.  This is the brainchild of the partnership that MAINGEAR has made with the esports brand Unikrn.  I saw this coming back on January 18th when Rahul Sood tweeted out this front panel image, thankfully since I recently built my mining gear into a Rosewill BM-600 case I knew exactly what I was looking at! Check out that build video here!



Specs are really non existent at this time, but they do allow you to be notified when available.  But for now let's have some fun speculating on parts selection.  Being that they're advertising it mining Ethereum (ETH) or UnikoinGold (UKG) and the cards all have a single 8-pin, at least what they're showing, I'd imagine we're looking at a 6x GTX 1070 rig as GTX 1070s will walk off and leave a GTX 1080 when it comes to ETH mining thanks to the differences in memory.  Hard to tell on the PSU since all we see are sleeved cables, not really a benefit for mining whatsoever.

I know they're on USB 3.0 riser cards since that's the only way you can build it in that case and I really hope they didn't sink too much money into the motherboard/CPU/RAM because I can almost assure that the sweet paint job isn't going to come cheap.  Final pricing will dictate whether or not there is a value proposition in this one for new or existing miners so judgement has to wait for that piece of the puzzle to come in place, but I imagine it will not come cheap.


For those more interested in UnikoinGold, an Ethereum based crypto, head over to their site and read up on what they do here


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