Mafia 3 Low vs Medium vs High PC 4K Graphics Screenshot Comparison: Nominal Differences in Graphical and Texture Detail


Mafia 3 would come heavy on your PC setups, we were told that much via the game’s system requirements that were revealed last month. But now that the game is out, we have come to know that even top-of-the-line GPUs struggle to deliver smooth gameplay at higher settings with stable frame rate, clearly pointing out how poorly the game has been optimized for PC hardware. Nevertheless, it’s not like you need to play the game at higher settings as well, as there is nothing much that changes when you move from low to medium and high settings.

When moving from Low to medium and high graphical quality presets, Mafia 3 shows very slight changes in its overall graphical quality, notes Overclock3D in its PC performance review of the game. The low vs medium vs high PC graphics 4K screenshots comparison that the site shared shows that the only differences that you can notice are in lighting, and shadow and reflection quality. Unless you are closely inspecting the graphical differences in a side by side comparison, you won’t be able to notice any, which means playing the game at lower settings with higher, more stable frame rates is more preferable.

“Texture wise Mafia III doesn't change when you move up the graphical settings, with the same texture detail being visible at all graphical settings,” notes Overclock3d. You can check out the first set of comparison screenshots in the gallery below.

In the next set, you can again see that the difference in overall texture detail of the objects present in the scene is very little. The change in graphical quality that is visible is due to the differing location of clouds, the graphical detail actually remains almost the same in all three presets. Ambient Occlusion and shadow quality improves a little when you go up, but it is not very noticeable when you are playing the game.

Here is another screenshot comparison between the game running at low and high settings, courtesy of DSOGaming. The screenshot on the on the left shows the game running on low settings, and the one on the right shows high settings. Try spotting the differences now.

Mafia 3 is a sequel to 2010’s Mafia II. The third game in the series is set in 1968 and stars Vietnam War veteran Lincoln Clay in a story of revenge against the Italian mob. 2K Games released a note on Twitter celebrating the release of Mafia 3. You can check it out here. For more latest news on the game, keep checking back here.