macOS Sierra Is Now Available as an Automatic Download – Here’s How to Stop It


macOS Sierra is now available as an automatic download. But if you do not want to upgrade, we'll show you how you can stop it from downloading and installing.

Apple Is Now Pushing macOS Sierra to Users as an Automatic Download for OS X El Capitan Users

Apple shared news with The Loop that the company will start pushing macOS Sierra as an automatic download to El Capitan users. This means Sierra will download automatically in the background as long as your Mac meets the specs and space requirements. It should be made abundantly clear at this point that macOS Sierra will not install automatically. That choice solely lies with the user.

If your Mac is running low on space, macOS Sierra will not download in the background. If the macOS Sierra installer is taking up too much space on your computer, it will be automatically deleted. That's all well and good.

But there are users who do not want to update to macOS Sierra at all. What about them? After all, the installer will take up a significant amount of bandwidth in the background when the download is running. So, we will show you in today's snappy little tutorial how to stop macOS Sierra from downloading in the background.


1. Launch the Mac App Store.

2. Now click on App Store in the Menu Bar, then click on Preferences.

3. See that option labeled 'Download newly available updates in the background'? Click to uncheck it and close the Preferences window.

That's it, your Mac will no longer download any available update in the background. But of course, you can reverse the decision by following the above steps again and rechecking the box in the last step.

We highly recommend updating to macOS Sierra for its security features alone. There's no way you want to leave yourself in harm's way when you're out and about. Furthermore, the user facing features are good enough as well. You get great things such as Siri as well as Universal Clipboard to play around with. All in all, macOS Sierra is a great update and I'm sure you will love it once you have updated.

Wrap Up

It's smart on Apple's end that macOS Sierra can be stopped from being downloaded in the background. Furthermore, the company is not pushing any sort of annoying pop-up at all in order to force users towards the path of upgrading.

We all know who has been doing that lately.

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