Update to macOS Sierra Without Losing Your Files – How to


Here's how you can update to macOS Sierra without losing your files, photos, settings or anything else.

This is the Easiest Route One Can Take to Install macOS Sierra

Despite the title of this article, we still recommend making the effort to backup everything there is on your Mac. Either take a Time Machine backup or copy your important files onto an external storage medium such as a hard drive or a high capacity USB stick.

But still, over the air Mac updates are absolutely safe to install and there's a very low chance anything would go wrong. But despite that, we recommend doing what we mentioned above - take a backup just to be on the safe side.

So, with that out of the way, let's dive into the tutorial on how you can update to macOS Sierra without losing your files.

Tutorial - Method #1

1. Launch the Mac App Store.

2. Now click on the 'Updates' tab at the top.

3. Wait for the Mac App Store to refresh properly.

4. You'll see a system update pop right up. Click on 'Update' next to it.

5. Once the update is done downloading, simply restart your Mac to complete everything.

Tutorial - Method #2

1. Click on this link to go straight to the macOS Sierra download page on the Mac App Store.

2. Now click on 'Update.'

3. macOS Sierra will now begin downloading and you'll be prompted when it is ready to be installed.

4. Restart your Mac to complete the installation.

We highly recommend utilizing method 2 for installing macOS Sierra on your Mac because it's plain simple. You don't have to initiate extra clicks to get to the update itself. But of course, the final call lies with you.

Wrap Up

Over the air (OTA) method of installing macOS Sierra is the best route to take if you don't want to deal with any sort of fuss. Furthermore, you do not lose your files or settings, and everything is kept in tact when you're done with the installation process.

If you want to take things up a notch, then we highly recommend doing a clean install of macOS Sierra. The guide for it will go live in a short while, and we will link it right here once does. So be sure you are tuned in to our coverage when that happens.

Do let us know in the comments section if you installed macOS Sierra right away. If not, then sure your reasons with us.

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