Older Macs Are Bricking After Installing macOS Monterey, Claim Several Owners

Omar Sohail
Older Macs Are Bricking After Installing macOS Monterey, Claim Several Owners

If you are the owner of an older-generation Mac and installed macOS Monterey on it, only for it to stop responding, then you are not alone. No, it is not because your Mac is incompatible with Apple’s latest update, but something else is affecting these machines.

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A multitude of older Mac owners are suffering from the same problem, according to MacRumors. In fact, there are at least ten separate posts on Apple Support Communities highlighting the same scenario. This bricking issue can also affect 2020 models, with one owner of the Intel-based 16-inch MacBook Pro complaining about it.

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“MacBook pro 2019 after monterey update the computer won’t turn on at all.

tried the usual suspects (pram, pressing command-option-r etc.) but nothing. Computer is also perfectly powered but nothing, no chime, no harddrive sound just a dead computer after the monterey update.

seems like a computer without power but it is fully powered”

“I was updating my MacBook Pro from 2018 and it was doing fine until the screen suddenly turned black and now it won't turn on. I've checked the outlet, the cable, the brick, everything. I've held power for 10 seconds and nothing happens. I have no signs of life on my MacBook.

Any suggestions?”

“After the updated downloaded, it started installing, and on the first restart, it never came back.

Only black screen. Computer gets warm when I plug a charger, but that’s it. No other signs.

Tried to power on holding the left SHIFT, Control, Option keys for 15 seconds, but nothing.”

It is possible Apple addresses this issue with the release of macOS Montery 12.1. The only downside to this update is that it might not be available to download for at least a few weeks. However, given that the news may have reached Apple, the company and its software team will likely be working diligently to find a solution, and fast.

News Source: MacRumors

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