macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta Now Available for Registered Developers


If you are a registered developer then you can go ahead and download macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta 1 right now on your Mac.

macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta is Now Available for Developers, Includes New Changes and Fixes

Apple had a pretty eventful day today in the Mac side of the garden. Not only the new M1 computers from the company went on sale but we were hit with initial reviews as well. But in all that noise Apple released the first ever beta of macOS Big Sur 11.1.

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In order to get hold of the new beta, you must be registered with Apple. If you already have an account, then you can go right ahead and download the configuration profile and grab the new update over the air.

It is highly recommended that you install beta software (regardless of platform) on spare devices. There is no telling what sort of bugs and roadblocks pre-release software can introduce. This may include broken app compatibility and so much more. So please, exercise caution and even backup your current system, just in case.

It’s too early to speculate what new features the new beta brings to the table. If we find something noteworthy, we will point it to our readers.