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New 13-inch MacBook Pro Model Could Feature Apple’s Newest Magic Keyboard for 2020, Suggests Fresh New Filings


Apple’s newest 16-inch MacBook Pro marks the end of the company’s issue-prone butterfly keyboard and introduced the company’s Magic Keyboard, a more durable version with a higher key travel. This also means that future models shall be treated to this change, and according to the latest EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) filings, an unnamed MacBook Pro model for 2020 might feature this upgrade.

Earlier Predictions Mention a July Unveiling for the Smaller 2020 MacBook Pro Model

Data found in a number of new filings reveal an unnamed product featuring the code A2289, and Apple has mentioned in the required details field that it is a ‘portable personal computer’. That’s enough for us to believe that a smaller MacBook Pro could get treated to a Magic Keyboard. While these filings mean that Apple will eventually launch the product in the near future, there’s no exact release date for now. Fortunately, an earlier prediction by revered analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that a July 2020 unveiling is possible, followed by a prediction by DigiTimes talking about an unveiling during the same period.

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Right now, only the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air series are the remaining models that ship with Apple’s butterfly keyboard, and we won’t be surprised if customers are holding out from purchasing this as they anticipate the arrival of a newer model. Also, the last time Apple updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro series, it was with the base model, which now features a quad-core CPU and Touch Bar. We’d also really like to see a higher 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate on this version rather than a variable refresh rate, but it’s highly unlikely Apple will proceed with this upgrade.

There’s also no word on the hardware specifications, but Apple will most probably switch to Intel’s 10th-generation CPUs unless AMD can promise the Cupertino giant something better. There might even be a possibility of increasing the base storage from 256GB to 512GB like Apple did with the 16-inch MacBook Pro release, but offered at the same price.

Like we’ve said time and time again, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2020, especially those that want a compact MacBook Pro that’s not accompanied by those dreadful keyboard issues.

News Source: 9to5Mac