Here’s Why Apple’s MacBook Pro Only Features up to 16GB of RAM

MacBook Pro 16GB RAM

If you visit Apple’s website right now, you will notice that all of the three models, including the base model and the ones that feature the Touch Bar and Touch ID will be limited to 16GB of RAM. While this much RAM is sufficient to get all things done, some users will want that extra memory just to gain a little headroom for the future. No doubt these notebooks are expensive and Apple has decided to provide its own reasons why it didn’t allow customers to upgrade the RAM to 32GB.

Phil Schiller Claims That the MacBook Pro Family Is Limited to 16GB in Order to Conserve Their Battery Life

Apple is following the same principle that it does with its smartphones; limit the amount of RAM while improving the OS in order to improve battery life. Apple’s macOS Sierra’s most notable traits lie with its smooth functionality coupled with extended battery life, which the company has listed to run up to 10 hours of web surfing on all three MacBook Pro models. Unfortunately, the configuration section of the MacBook Pro page will only limit you to 16GB RAM, and while consumers are going to be disappointed that they will not be able to up that amount despite paying a hefty price, Phil Schiller has stepped in to tell you why the company has done this.

"To put more than 16GB of fast RAM into a notebook design at this time would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn't be efficient enough for a notebook."

For users requiring the hefty amount of memory to edit their content on Final Cut Pro and Logic X Pro, they could find this a little discouraging, but at least they will be satisfied to know that Apple focused on the bread and butter of its notebooks, which happens to be battery life. If you decide to increase the hardware specifications of whatever notebook you decide to purchase, you will notice that the notebooks will cap out at 16GB of RAM, which isn’t so bad considering a very small percentage of users will actually come close to using that much RAM.

Still, it is always heart-warming to know that you will have ample memory to tackle applications that will use a ton of it, but Apple was forced with a dilemma, and it believes that OS optimization and high battery life outweigh the amount of memory you have in your notebooks.



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