MacBook Air Rumored to Be Discontinued; Tipster Says People Are ‘Going to Love Its Replacement’

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MacBook Air Rumored to Be Discontinued; Tipster Says People Are ‘Going to Love Its Replacement’

During its WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple stated that its first ARM-based Mac will arrive for customers later this year, but didn’t confirm if it was an iMac or a member of the MacBook family. One tipster believes that the MacBook Air will be discontinued and that people are going to love what Apple will bring in its place.

An Earlier Report Mentioned the Arrival of an ARM-Based 13-inch MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac Later This Year

Since the MacBook Air will most likely be slower than the MacBook fueled by Apple’s A-series chip and could potentially be cheaper, the company may have no option but to discontinue its existing model. According to Jiorīku, people are going to love its replacement but didn’t highlight the reasons why. Still, we can put out a few reasons why this might be possible.

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Firstly, the MacBook Air’s replacement could be much thinner, lighter, and more powerful at the same time. The fact that the A12Z Bionic was able to best the Surface Pro X in Geekbench 5 while having its performance reduced as a result of running through Apple’s translation layer Rosetta 2 is a very impressive feat. It’s obvious that some software optimizations are required, which will most likely happen before the official launch of the product.

Also, Apple isn’t expected to use the A12Z Bionic in its first ARM-based consumer Mac. According to previous reports, there’s going to be a 5nm 12-core chipset found in the MacBook Air’s replacement. No doubt it will be a powerhouse while delivering stellar battery life, so people would have no choice but to make a purchase.

Jiorīku hopes that he can ‘elaborate’ on what he has said in his tweet, so we’ll get to learn more about this unnamed MacBook Air replacement in the near future. In related news, Ming-Chi Kuo earlier reported that a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 24-inch iMac featuring Apple’s custom silicon would launch later this year, so we look forward to those products too, assuming Apple announces them, so stay tuned.

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News Source: Twitter (Jiorīku)

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