2013 Apple Mac Pro: Teardown Images and Detailed Benchmarks

Rafia Shaikh

Released in December this past year, Apple's reinvented and re-imagined Mac Pro has gone through a plethora of tests, teardowns, unboxing checks, and more. Detailed benchmarks have too been released now for the many curious eyes.

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Here goes 2013 Mac Pro's teardown and benchmark video and images.

mac pro benchmark


Apple Mac Pro Benchmark video:

The very much famous Michael Kukielka has released his Apple Mac Pro benchmark video. Considering many of his fans around the world, here is video giving detailed overview of Apple's reinvented desktop machine. Released December 2013, it has taken many with awe, while others have likened it to the "bin".

Here is the detailed Mac Pro benchmarks video from Kukielka:

Apple Mac Pro teardown:

We couldn't resist getting impressed and awed by this Mac Pro teardown by iFixit.

  • Mac Pro Late 2013 Repairability Score: 8 out of 10(10 is easiest to repair)
  • For being so compact, the design is surprisingly modular and easy to disassemble. Non-proprietary Torx screws are used throughout, and several components can be replaced independently.
  • The easily-opened case is designed to make RAM upgrades a snap.
  • The fan is easy to access and replace.
  • While it will require a bit of digging, the CPU is user-replaceable—meaning intrepid fixers should be able to save considerably by upgrading from the base-level processor configuration.
  • There is no room, or available port, for adding your own internal storage. Apple has addressed this with heaps of Thunderbolt, but we'd personally rather use the more widely compatible SATA if we could.
  • With some proprietary new connectors and tight cable routing, working on this $3,000 device without a repair manual could be risky.




mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro benchmark
mac pro teardown
mac pro benchmark
mac pro teardown
mac pro teardown

Sources: iFixit, Michael Kukielka

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