Apple Will Launch Intel Macs Despite Transition to Custom Chips

Ali Salman
Apple to Launch Mac Pro with Intel chip

Apple is gradually making the way for its custom silicon to entirely takeover its Mac lineup. While the company has succeeded in its efforts, for the most part, it seems there is still some juice left in Intel that Apple can use in its Mac. Initially, 2021 was supposed to wrap up the relation between Intel and Apple. Now, new reports suggest that Apple still has one more Mac Pro model in its lineup which will be powered by an Intel chip. Scroll down to read more details on the scene.

Apple Could Launch New Mac Pro Models With an Intel Processor Amid Transition to Custom Chips

The report suggests that Apple is expected to launch a Mac Pro model powered by an Intel chip before it completes its transition (via MacRumors). The company is working on two new models of the Mac Pro, one of which will feature the same design with updated internals, and the other will feature an entire redesign.

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While Apple's M-series chips have proved themselves when it comes to performance and battery life, it seems Apple is still not confident enough to replace Intel chips in its Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a high-end workstation that can be used by photographers, Hollywood insiders, animators, and much more. These professions require heavy rendering and the company wants to equip the Mac Pro with an Intel chip.

Amid transition, it is expected that Apple will use Xeon Scalable processor which Intel promotes to feature "advanced performance, security, efficiency, and built-in AI acceleration to handle IoT workloads and more powerful AI." While Apple's decision seems odd to many, there might be other factors contributing to the move. Apple uses Rosetta 2 in its Mac lineup to translate apps designed for Intel processors to work with its custom M-series chips. Since both processors use different architectures, Apple could be potentially buying some time to perfect the translation technology.

Apple to Launch Mac Pro with Intel chip

Even though Rosetta 2 works fine for many, a high-end desktop-class workstation would not want anything to hold the actual performance back. Henceforth, it could give Apple some time before it designs the translation technology that mirrors compatibility. At this point, Apple silicon drives the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, and even the new iPad Pro models.

On the other side of things, Apple's redesigned Mac Pro will be launched sometime next year with up to 32 high-performance cores and 128 graphics cores. It was also reported that the Mac Pro could use two or four dies of the M1 Max chip for enhanced performance. Take note that the final word rests with Apple and we could see things differently in the future.

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