Lost AirTag Found By Someone is Locked Forever and Cannot be Reused, Says Apple

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Apple announced the new AirTag accessory at its Spring Loaded event a few days ago. The item-tracking accessory is the company's latest addition to its product lineup. While the price of the AirTag might be its main selling point, the functionality is also pretty useful when it comes to your everyday routine. You can simply attach an AirTag to any of your belonging and just forget about it and if it gets lost or misplaced, you can easily navigate to it in the Find My app. However, if your AirTag is lost or stolen it will be locked forever and cannot be reused unless found by the original owner.

A Lost AirTag is Complete Waste for Anyone Who Finds it As Apple Locks it Forever Unless Found By The Owner

In terms of size, the hands-on video shows the AirTag accessory as a very small device that you can attach to almost anything. However, it is a bit thicker to put inside of your wallet. It has now been revealed by Apple's senior director of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang and that a lost AirTag is locked forever and cannot be used by anyone but the original owner (via Fast Company). Henceforth, the accessory is a complete waste for anyone who finds it.

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This entire process is end-to-end encrypted so that no one but the owner of the AirTag—not the owners of the crowdsourced devices picking up the AirTag’s location or even Apple itself—ever has access to the AirTag’s current or past location. And the Bluetooth identifiers that ‌AirTags‌ emit are not only randomized but “are rotated many times a day and never reused so that as you travel from place to place with the AirTag, you cannot be re-identified,” Huang says.

Drance and Huang are also keen to note that though almost a billion Apple devices act as a crowdsourced monitoring network that helps keep track of ‌AirTags‌, the AirTag owner can never see which devices its AirTag’s location is pinging off of or who owns those devices.

What this means is that if you find a lost AirTag attached to an object, it is a complete waste for you since it is locked. There is no way that you can unpair it with an iPhone or use it for yourself. The new AirTag accessory will be a complete waste. Kaiann Drance, Apple's VP of worldwide iPhone product marketing also shared in the interview that Apple's AirTag is part of Apple's Find My network and the entire experience is secure and private. The interview also shares that the AirTag is meant to track lost items, not people or pets.

That's all there is to it, folks. Are you looking to order the new item-tracking AirTag accessory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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