LG Might Have to Change the Entire Design of G6 to Provide Support for Premium Features


If you might not have heard, one rumor suggests that the LG G6 is going to provide support for not only water-resistant but also wireless charging. However, in order for the smartphone to provide support for wireless charging, LG is going to have completely change the body of the upcoming flagship. So what approach does LG have in mind for its G6?

LG G6 Said to Sport a Premium Glass Body to Accommodate Support for Wireless Charging

Industry sources have stated that LG will incorporate a 3D cover glass on the back part of the next-generation smartphone G6, and release it next year. The report also states that a company called Sixteen Cnetsu will be the company’s primary supplier for that curved glass. This isn’t something new because even Samsung’s flagship smartphones also feature a glass panel in order for them to provide support for wireless charging. Another helpful attribute to this is that it adds lots of scratch-resistance to the smartphone, meaning that coins and keys will be unable to put a mark on it.

While that is helpful, it will also end up making the smartphone’s glass panel more brittle and if you mistakenly drop it, then you will have a huge bill on your hands. LG G6 is said to retain the same IPS LCD that’s present on the previous company’s smartphone iterations but the addition of wireless charging and water-resistance is going to be something that we’ve been waiting to see on an LG smartphone for quite some time now.

What LG has also done well is incorporated a Quad DAC chip inside the LG V20, thoroughly improving the sound quality for when you plug in your earphones, record voice clips, videos or are just wanting to listen to media using the speakers of the device. We’re hoping that this chip finds its way to the G6 as well. Another thing that we want the company to focus on is for it to heavily market the nifty features of the phone. In more than one way, the V20 was one of 2016’s most underrated Android flagships, and it shouldn’t be like that for the firm.

What features are you looking forward from the G6? Tell us your thoughts right away.