LG Has Confirmed Considerations To Manufacture 2015 Nexus


Remember when we emphasized on the two tech companies which have the potential to be hired by Google for the upcoming Nexus? LG and Huawei were the two opted candidates to produces Google's next flagship and it looks like LG is advancing forward really quick.

With all thanks to AndroidPIT for their sources in LG, the possible OEM for Nexus 2015 has been confirmed. So what about Huawei? Well possibilities are that Google might work with them for an updated tablet. Its all just speculations and rumors and nothing official has been disclosed.

Will LG Accept The Proposal?

This is going to be a third time LG has been opted by Google for its Nexus production only if they consider it otherwise. We don't see why they shouldn't be chosen because LG has been providing great quality and finished product like the LG made Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. They say LG has not involved itself in the manufacturing of the Nexus 6 because the company had its own portfolio to look after that hindered them to be the third consecutive Nexus OEM.

LG skipping the Nexus 6 production has made the company to manufacture the outstanding G3 followed by a LG G4 which has the best camera so far according to stats. However moving on to the Nexus, there have been no news on the second Nexus that caught our eye recently and was supposedly to be manufactured by Huawei. When Google was confronted over the situation it replied diplomatically with a 'no comments on  rumors and speculation'.

However the rumor still resides with Huawei manufacturing the other half of the launch with possibilities of a larger phablet sized Nexus. So far, Google has chosen LG to be their successor to the Motorola Nexus lineup but the question remains, will LG consider it?. More news and rumors follows. As for now, do stay with us for more on Nexus and comment your thoughts of possible spec-sheet that might be part of the Google Nexus 7.