Lexus Gives Virtual Reality Experience To Consumers via New App

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Toyota’s luxury car brand, Lexus, is giving its customers a chance to enjoy its fastest vehicles in a virtual reality experience from the comfort of their own homes. The company has built an app that is compatible with Oculus Rift and Google cardboard, which are two well-known virtual reality techs, the app will allow users to drive a Lexus RC F Sports car around a track and if you can’t afford the real deal then this is as close as it gets. A statement by Lexus:

“At Lexus we are determined to push the boundaries in everything we do, whether that’s in the design of our cars or the way we market our products to customers,” said Spiros Fotinos, head of European marketing, Lexus, Brussels, Belgium. “For the RC F we have created an amazing virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed and shared by anyone, anywhere – without the traditional hardware limitations.”

This app will give consumers a great experience

Lexus is offering the whole Virtual Reality experience through a smartphone app which will be compatible on Android and iOS devices, it will also be viewable online with YouTube’s virtual reality streaming function so you can watch it on your PCs too. The app is compatible with the VR headsets mentioned at the start, they will enhance the experience and will make the VR experience easier to obtain for customers.

“For some, virtual reality will be as close as they come to owning this vehicle,” said Jeff Hasen, a Seattle-based mobile marketing strategist. “For others, the sensation just might tip the scales and give them reason to check out the RC F more closely. “Lexus is wise to provide multiple ways to engage – often, the killer app is choice. Of course, there is nothing new with the idea of having consumers ‘experience’ a vehicle virtually. In fact, it’s table stakes”

The company used a number of cameras placed inside the RC F as it was driven over the Ascari circuit in Spain, by placing cameras around the whole car, both on the interior and exterior Lexus has tried to create the most vivid and immersive experience by giving the whole 360 degree visual. This is a great way to allow users, who may be potential buyers, to connect with the car in a more intimate way and also a great way to create a better customer-brand relationship.

Lexus is planning to expand this operation to give users different routes to travel on virtually and it will be done in a few upcoming months. The automaker promises to take consumers for a spin around many more key events in Europe, this way the experience will include unique locations and exclusive events which is what makes this whole app even more tempting to get.

This is not the first time Lexus has come up with an idea like this and they’ve travelled the virtual reality experience road before in the past few years, and this won’t certainly be the last. Let’s hope the experience is worth it, do share your thoughts about this app and if you use it do leave a review.

The interior of the RC F, this is what you will experience and it's a beauty

lexus rc fThe RC F, looks magnificent 

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