Level Zero Preview Shows Off The Game’s Horrific Asymmetrical Gameplay

Ule Lopez
Level Zero

Asymmetrical horror is a genre pretty much dominated by Dead By Daylight and its crossplay across six different platforms. Dead By Daylight is by no means the only asymmetrical PVP title on the market; other games like Dragon Ball: The Breakers exist as well. Today, developer DogHowl Games has shown off a new asymmetric multiplayer horror game Level Zero.

Level Zero is an asymmetrical horror game coming to PC and consoles sometime next year and pits four stranded Scientists against two Creatures. Scientists are tasked with repairing the broken tools throughout the map, and Creatures, simply put, have to ensure no one escapes to tell the tale.

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You can watch the game’s trailer below.

One of Level Zero’s main draws is that light itself is both a mechanic and the Scientists’ most powerful tool against the Creatures. While the light forces Creatures to retreat, players only have finite resources. Creatures, on the other hand, thrive in complete darkness. They can see very clearly in the dark while Scientists are at their mercy.

Creatures also can place smaller entities similar to the Facehuggers from Alien, and if one catches a Scientist, it could very well be the end of the game for them. Creatures can also sabotage objectives, travel through vents to traverse the map, and take advantage of the intermittent blackouts throughout games.

You can watch a preview by IGN below:

Death isn’t the end of the experience for Scientists, not even close. In Level Zero, killed Scientists can respawn as a drone to perform various functions, like ping objectives, carrying items to surviving teammates, and tracking Creatures using UV light. Perks, which are unique buffs to players, are a trait shared with Dead By Daylight, but they behave a bit differently here.

In Dead By Daylight, raising a character’s prestige level permanently unlocks their respective Perks on all other characters you own (at Tier I, II, and III, respectively). Meanwhile, in Level Zero, players can unlock Perks to use, but if your team is completely wiped out, you will lose access to those Perks, so caution must be exercised.

The game seems quite promising, all things considered. However, there aren’t any announcements of beta or anything of the sort currently. We’ll continue to update as more information on Level Zero, including release dates, updates, and betas, as it’s released. Level Zero is set to launch next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

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