Lenovo’s ThinkVision M14 Drops down to just $215.00

For many people, more than one monitor is waiting for them at home, but when working on a laptop, you are limited to a single display. While most external monitors either have the drawback of requiring external power, having a lower resolution, or not having excellent portability, the ThinkVision M14 portable monitor solves most of these problems for a price of $215.00 on Lenovo's website.

The ThinkVision M14 Assists You As A Second Screen on Your Primary Laptop

When comparing to the Duex Pro to the ThinkVision M14, the ThinkVision M14 offers some advanced connectivity features. The ThinkVision M14 has two USB-C ports that simultaneously support power and video. The "Power Pass-Through" feature allows the second USB-C port to charge not only the external display but also the connected laptop. This is a feature not offered by the Duex Pro. The Duex Pro connects to a device using a USB Type C or Type A connection, which provides more flexibility but does limit make the Duex Pro unable to charge the connected laptop.

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The ThinkVision M14 is housed separately from the device, but this enclosure offers -5 degrees to 90 degrees tilt angle, and an adjustable foot does allow you to change the height as needed. This external monitor does come with its protective sleeve for when you are transporting the external monitor. The IO included in this external monitor a Kensington Lock, Two USB Type-C ports, a brightness control button,  and a Blue Light Button. As the ThinkVision M14 offers a low Blue Light mode, which reduces eye strain when looking at this monitor for long periods.

The differences between the ThinkVision M14 and the Duex Pro are more than just the cost of the device as the Duex Pro is currently on sale for $279 on Amazon, while Lenovo's ThinkVision M14 costs only $215 on Lenovo's website. The mounting mechanism differs significantly between the two external monitors. The Duex Pro uses magnetic disks, which attaches to the back of your laptop, making the Duex Pro seemingly act more like traditional second screens. While the ThinkVision M14 has a kickstand included, which offers tilt and height adjustable and allows for the "Power Pass-through" feature.

My recommendation would be to get the ThinkVision monitor because while it doesn't attach you your laptop directly. A feature which I think is impressive by itself, the ThinkVision's Power Pass-Through feature is impressive, allowing your device to charge just from the extra USB Type-C port.

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