Google to Announce 13 New Software Features in 2022 as It Attempts to Replicate Apple’s Ecosystem

Omar Sohail
Google to Announce 13 New Software Features in 2022 as It Attempts to Replicate Apple’s Ecosystem

When it comes to seamless hardware integration with software, we can all agree that no tech company comes close to Apple and its endless efforts to unify all its products under one roof. However, Google may have realized the importance of having an ecosystem in place, which is why during CES 2022, the company has announced 13 new software features that will attempt to integrate a variety of products.

Quick-AirPods-Like Pairing, Unlocking Android Handsets With Smartwatches, and Other Features Coming Later This Year to Match What Apple Already Provides

Google’s Fast Pair framework will be updated this year, allowing users to pair Bluetooth headphones and earphones easier to Android TV, Google TV, and other devices. Installing smart home products will also be easier. Where unlocking paired Android phones or Chromebooks would be a chore, smartwatches running Wear OS 3 will effortlessly be able to give users access to the devices’ home screen, so it will behave in the same manner as the Apple Watch.

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Companies like HP, Acer, and Intel have also partnered with Google to support some of its ‘Better Together’ features on their laptops. For instance, users will be able to use Fast Pair, sync text messages, and use Android’s Nearby Share feature to share files to their upcoming Windows PCs. Google also says that it will create an ecosystem so that any messaging app on your phone can be mirrored to a Chromebook, allowing users to directly use their messaging apps.

‘Camera Roll on Phone Hub’ will make it easier to move photos from your Android phone to your Chromebook. Google is also working on adding support for unlocking cars via UWB. Currently, the Pixel 6 Pro supports this. BMW has partnered with the advertising giant to effortlessly unlock cars with your handset.

Volvo has also joined forces, but instead of allowing you to unlock its vehicles with a smartphone, it will use Android Auto as its native system for running the dashboard computer and integrate it with the Google Assistant so you can use your smart speaker for functions like remote start. So when can we expect these features?

Google says that each feature will vary when it comes to an official launch. Some features will roll out in the coming weeks, while others will arrive in a few months. Hopefully, Google is able to nail these integrations in the same manner that Apple has done because, honestly, we are tired of seeing this effort materialize from just one company.

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