Lenovo Z5, the Truly Bezel-Less Smartphone Will See a June 5 Announcement, Much Earlier Than Its Rumored June 12 Date


Lenovo has been teasing teased a lot of features of the upcoming Z5 recently. It is touted as a smartphone with a full-screen display, comes with with a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio and several other things that the user will deem attractive and in-line with their interests. Luckily, this isn’t just a concept smartphone and we will actually get to see it very soon. Lenovo’s VP recently took to the Chinese social networking website Weibo to announce that the Lenovo Z5 will be officially unveiled on June 5 at an event due taking place in China.

Lenovo Z5 Was Earlier Teased to Provide Standby Battery Life That Can Go up to 45 Days

Apart from the impressive screen-to-body ratio, the Z5 also a multitude of different yet exciting features. The phone will have a dual-smart camera setup that will harness the power of AI for better photography, but that does not necessarily mean the smartphone features a dedicated NPU.

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Hopefully, the AI will boost the camera performance in low-light conditions. Perhaps one of the most impressive things about the smartphone is its standby battery time, and just to remind you, the day count is higher than that of the Nokia 3310.

Being able to last 45 days on a single charge, this gives a hint that the Lenovo Z5 will feature a large battery capacity but it can also mean that using battery-saving measures and AI, users can experience much better battery life. Lenovo’s VP Change Cheng also stated that the Z5 will be the result of 18 patented technologies and 4 technological breakthroughs. Some of these are expected to be in the UI department as the ZUK interface will apparently make a comeback with the Z5.

The phone is also expected to have an overall memory offering of 4TB, which is still a lot more than what most flagships offer right now. Lenovo has also shared some sketches of the phone which reveal the bezel-less front. However, unlike many new Android smartphones, the Z5 will not have a notch and will resemble the Vivo APEX.

News Source: Chang Cheng (Weibo)