Lenovo Legion Gaming Desktops Available

Alex Stevens

With around a year since unveiling Lenovo Legion, Lenovo's dedicated sub-brand for PC gaming, they're back at it and committing to providing premium and powerful gaming experiences with the latest hardware across laptops, towers, and cubes. We're announcing a new family of six gaming PCs - the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops, T730 and T530 towers and C730 and C530 cubes. spanning every form factor from full desktop, small form factor desktop and laptops these systems should have what it needs to seamlessly play today's most popular games, from action-packed battle royales like PUBG and Fortnite to epic role-playing game adventures. Each device comes with improved thermals to keep things cool when the competition heats up, providing that added peace of mind when pushing the boundaries of your game.

Lenovo Legion T730 T530 Gaming Towers From LenovoFeature High-End Graphics

Easily handling today's most demanding AAA games and graphically intensive applications, the VR-ready Windows 10 towers boast up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs and up to the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. Squeeze every drop of performance from your Lenovo Legion T730 and go beast mode with its optional 32GB DDR4 overclocked Corsair Vengeance memory and up to two 512GB PCIe RAID 0 SSD or 2TB SATA HDD storage.

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Hear the enemy's footsteps in deep, dynamic sound through Dolby Atmos on the new Lenovo Legion towers to potentially gain a tactical advantage before they strike. And when your game heats up, the Lenovo Legion T730's optional Asetek liquid cooling offers reliable, whisper-quiet heat dissipation for increased framerate stability, smoother gameplay, and reduced system noise even when you're pushing your game to its limits. The Lenovo Legion towers let you stream across your favorite online platforms with full confidence that your most epic killstreaks can be broadcast in 4K with high frame rates.

The new towers don't hold you back from upgrading later down the road either. We've future-proofed the towers with tool-free upgradability so you can tweak, tune and easily swap out the latest graphics or memory at the press of a button - no toolbox or flashlight needed.

Pair the new towers with a Lenovo Legion gaming monitor, surround sound headset, precision keyboard and mouse to complement your gaming setup.

Whether you're looking for the highest settings to stream professional-grade quality videos or a gaming laptop designed to give you a competitive edge, the modern gamer will find the right balance between a sleek, premium exterior and epic gaming performance with Lenovo Legion's extensive new portfolio.

Pricing And Availability


  • The Lenovo Legion T730 tower will be available on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers starting at $929.99 in August 2018.
  • The Lenovo Legion T530 tower will be available on www.lenovo.com and select local retailers starting at $829.99 in August 2018.


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