Beware Before Watching; Claimed Leaked iPhone 6s Ad Adds Numerous Colors To Device

Well, things definitely seem to be getting interesting on the iPhone 6s now. Until now we've been seeing component, specification, design and launch leaks but now, to add a little bit of flavor to the mix, we have an iPhone 6s ad for you as well. Or what appears to be an Apple made advertisement anyways. It's claimed to be leaked directly from the Cupertino tech giant's office right after a meeting, though we'll let you be the judge of whether it really is authentic or not.

Sketchy Looking Alleged iPhone 6s Ad Shows Device With Several Color Options

Ever wondered what would happen if the iPhone 6s went full iPod Touch? Catering to a much wider and rather playful audience, Apple's music player comes with a large variety of color options. The iPhone series on the other hand, caters to a more premium audience, who love their devices with that elegant look and feel which Apple has managed to sell quite a well until now.

Well, apparently one youtube poster decided to take a look at how the upcoming iPhone 6s would look like should Apple decide to completely shake its iPhone lineup with a large array of color options. Don't be fooled by the video though, it defintely isn't made by Apple and you can spot several inconsistencies such as incorrect logo. Nevertheless, some interesting bit of speculation which marks a good change from the dull leaks that we've been seeing over the past couple of days.

The Apple iPhone 6s is expected to stay similar in design to the iPhone 6 duo with several upgrades on board such as Force Touch, an SiP architecture, increased camera resolution and an all new Apple A9 processor. If you want to know everything you possibly can about the upcoming flagships from Cupertino take a look at our iPhone 6s Specs, Rumors, Features, Price, Release Date [Complete Roundup]. And stay tuned for the latest in the tech world.

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