Leaked Battlefield 3 ALPHA gameplay released and more videos


Earlier I posted news about the game in ALPHA using screenshots but if a picture is worth a thousand words then I am sure that these videos should be enough to write a trilogy about the game. ALPHA trials of the game have already began and contrary to the earlier screenshots the game looks AMAZING, It's definitely a huge improvement over the screenshots and the graphics are right now a bit higher than the graphics of Bad Company 2. Now all we have to do is wait for the BETA access to start.

Battlefield 3 ALPHA gameplay footage got leaked and so far the game is REALLY amazing, my favorite thing about the ALPHA is how the blood on screen looks more realistic than what Call of Duty games offered and is improved over what Battlefield Bad Company 2 offered , The first video is definitely the recon class and if you see a black bar on the screen it's the owner of the video protecting his EA account ID so that he doesn't lose his ALPHA privilege it is a nice gesture of the guy to risk his account for the sake of giving fans of the game an early taste of what to expect in the BETA and eventually the final game.

In the second video the first few seconds show the player in the subway but no enemies after which it's back to the park where he shows off some what I think is Engineer (due to him using an RPG) and killing some enemies. What I really like is how the knife is a separate weapon and can be left out ready to kill (like in Counter-Strike) and the brutal Melee style of killing an enemy with a knife is also a nice touch which has been used in Killzone 3 recently. Later on in the video you can see the good and bad of destruction 3.0 while you still can't destroy ordinary objects like Ceiling lights you can still RPG a building to rubble.

I am glad to see that Rush has been improved on and that the explosions of the objectives blowing up is more realistic than before. Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be a GREAT game and will definitely deliver once it releases. I for one can't wait for the early access BETA to the game thanks to my Medal of Honor Limited Edition.

Here are a few more videos for your viewing pleasure.

You can view more of the ALPHA footage of the game by going HERE