Latest Tip Sheds Light on Galaxy S22 Series Getting a Battery Downgrade

Furqan Shahid
Latest Tip Sheds Light on Galaxy S22 Series Getting a Battery Downgrade
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Galaxy S22 is supposedly going official later this year, and Samsung is not really looking forward to making it right with many consumers who skipped out on the Galaxy S21 series, which, by the way, is one of the best S series releases from Samsung. The South Korean giant started going against what consumers wanted when they removed the headphone jack from the Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy S21 series saw the departure of the microSD card slot. For the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, Samsung appears to be heading towards a battery downgrade for the upcoming flagships.

The Galaxy S22 Series Could See a Battery Downgrade Across All Models

We have heard that the Galaxy S22+ will bring a 4,500 mAh battery capacity instead of the 4,800 mAh capacity found in the S21+. There were assumptions that the base and ultra variant wouldn't have any changes, but that does not seem to be the case.

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Folks over at GalaxyClub have talked about how the battery capacity of the base Galaxy S22 model will have a rated capacity of just 3,590 mAh, and the marketed capacity could be around 3,700 mAh.

The base version of the S22 uses a battery with model number EB-BS901ABY. We are certain that Samsung's upcoming flagships will feature newer, more efficient OLED panels, with an even more efficient Exynos 2200. These alone may not be enough to help with getting a good battery life. Perhaps that is why Samsung might introduce 45W fast charging options in some of the phones in the series.

Of course, until we hear more and more leaks about the phones, it is too early to say anything. Still, if this is anything to go by, Samsung needs to answer about what's going on because, by this definition, their S series might not be a viable option for a lot of users.

Will you be okay with a reduced battery capacity? Let us know in the comments below.

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