Latest Report Suggests First Mac With Apple Silicon to Launch in November


We're expecting a lot from Apple at its October 13 'Hi, Speed' event. The company will potentially announce the new iPhone 12 models which have been running wild in the rumor mill since the past year. While we have a pretty good idea what we should expect, the final decision rests with the company if it decides to surprise us. However, the new iPhone 12 models are not the only device that we are expecting. A new report suggests that the iPhone-maker might launch its first Mac with Apple Silicon in November of this year.

New Mac Apple's Custom Silicon in Another Launch in November

A few months ago, Apple announced that it will be transitioning its Macs to its in-house silicon instead of Intel chips. It was stated that the first Mac with Apple Silicon will arrive later this year and seemingly there's news that it will launch in November of this month. Previously, we were expecting that Apple might unveil its upcoming Mac with its own chip at its October 13 event. However, if we're going by the latest report, the company might launch it in November.

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Bloomberg in its latest report states that "the first Mac laptop with Apple’s own processor, among other products, will emerge at another launch in November." If it pans out to be true, the new Mac will not be unveiled on Monday and instead, Apple will devise a dedicated time, potentially in November according to the report.

The first time Apple announced the transition was at its WWDC event this year. The company also provided a potential launch roadmap for the Macs with custom silicon. Apple stated that it will take two years for the transition to be complete and in the meantime, Intel will bolster Apple's move.

Mac with Apple Silicon

The Apple silicon will be based on the ARM architecture which will allow future Macs to bolster and support iPhone and iPad apps without any changes in their design. There are chances that we might see a unified App Store. However, it's still too early to make conclusions and the final word rests with the company.

Apple's iPhone 12 launch event is scheduled to take place on October 13 and we're also expecting the company to announce a bunch of other products as well. Apple might also announce its AirTags as well but recent leaks point that the accessory will be released next year. In addition to this, Apple might also unveil a smaller HomePod Mini powered by Siri for $99.

That's all there is to it, folks. We will share more details on the matter as soon as we have a word. Do you think Apple will announce the new Mac with in-house chips on October 13? Let us know in the comments.