Check Out These Latest Galaxy S4 Leaked Pictures


The official Galaxy S4 Unpacked event is merely a couple of days away. It is not unusual for more details of an upcoming device to be leaked such a short time before its official announcement is due to take place. Latest Galaxy S4 leaked pictures have been put online today, much to the appreciation of Samsung fans around the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Up till now we have heard a string of rumors about the Galaxy S4. It is Samsung's next flagship Android smartphone and many enthusiasts have their hopes pinned on it. The S4 will also mark the beginning of the next generation of flagship smartphones, and it will be interesting to see how Apple counters its features when it releases the next generation iPhone.

These latest Galaxy S4 leaked pictures were posted online on 52Samsung, a Chinese forum. What's interesting to note is that this forum does not have any particular history of being right on such big rumors. Moreover, we know how careful Samsung was last time around with the Galaxy S3. Their carrier partners were also kept in the dark, so it seems a bit too coincidental for Galaxy S4 to pop up days before its official announcement on a Chinese forum. Nevertheless, the latest Galaxy S4 leaked pictures have been posted below.

Latest Galaxy S4 leaked pictures



According to this Chinese forum, the device we see in these pictures is a test unit of a China Unicom dual sim Galaxy S4. The device has been hidden behind the casing of Galaxy Note 2, but the benchmarks prove that internally this device has a quadcore 1.8GHz processor with 2GB RAM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1, 13 megapixel camera and 1080p full HD display, all of which are rumored features of the new Galaxy S4. These pictures don't reveal anything about the design, but Samsung may already have leaked Galaxy S4 design in its teaser video.

As mentioned before, this particular source is not an established one. These latest Galaxy S4 leaked pictures could be of a fake device, something which China is notorious for. The silver lining here is that we are less than three days away from the official announcement of the Galaxy S4.