LaCie Has Announced World’s Fastest Desktop Drive for Your MacBook Pro Lineup


Shortly after the announcement of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the remaining two notebooks that feature the Touch Bar and Touch ID, it didn’t take long for LaCie to announce its own storage product and according to the manufacturer, it happens to be the fastest desktop storage drive available.

LaCie Bolt3 Utilizes the Bandwidth Capabilities of Thunderbolt 3 – Claims Read and Write Speeds Crossing the 2,000MB/s Mark

LaCie's Bolt3 is the latest desktop drive from the manufacturer and features a total of 2 M.2 PCIe solid state drives. Harnessing the interface of the Thunderbolt 3 standard, LaCie Bolt3 uses two Type-C USB ports to gain a high read and write speed metric, which we will get to in a second. According to the company, you will also be able to hook up the storage drive to your MacBook Pro and connect the other port to a 4K display. This approach is known as a daisy chain.

Using a single Type-C USB cable connected to the computer, you will be able to spread this connection with two 4K displays, thus improving your overall productivity. Thanks to the improved speeds of the storage drive, data transfers are expected to be completed in a jiffy. In this package, you get a total of 2TB worth of PCIe storage and you will be able to experience the following data transfer speeds:

  • Up to 2,800MB/s read speed
  • Up to 2,200MB/s write speed

While the company states that in an ideal environment, you will be able to experience the aforementioned speeds, LaCie has also stated that the actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors. If you want to take a look at the detailed specifications of the LaCie Bolt3, they have been listed below:

  • Dimensions: 115 × 203 × 25 mm / 4.5 × 8 × 1 inch
  • Weight: 785 grams

What’s included in the packaging

  • LaCie Bolt3
  • Magnetic display stand
  • USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 40Gb/s) cable
  • Power supply
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Quick Install Guide

The pricing however, will be enough for you to purchase another MacBook Pro. The LaCie Bolt3 will retail for an ‘eye-popping’ $1,999 when it is released during the fourth quarter of this year. Keep in mind that this is just for the 2TB version, and the others are going to cost even more.