KLEV Announces the CRAS C710 NVMe M.2 SSD, An SSD Lineup Which Features Write Speeds of Up to 2,100 MB/s

KLEV Introduces the CRAS C710 SSD that has been designed to provide optimal PC usage while balancing both power and reliability. These SSDs come in a total of three different capacities; this includes a 256 GB model, a 512 GB model, and the largest capacity being a 1 TB model. These varying capacities allow users to buy a model with just the right amount of storage that they need. All of these models come with a five-year warranty to ensure the user's confidence in the drive itself.

KLEV's CRAS C710 series of SSDs offers some fantastic performance while still maintain various protections to extend the durability of the device

KLEV introduces the CRAS C710 Series of SSDs, and this series balances speed alongside a reduced latency. This SSD utilizes the NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 interface in the form factor of M.2 2280, and This form factor offers widespread compatibility with both systems and addon cards, that may be installed into computers.

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These SSDs are built using the SMI SM2263XT memory controller in addition to using strickly-selected 3D TLC NAND flash chips. These NAND chips are strickly-selected to ensure that they are able to offer the necessary speed and reliability.

The CRAS C710 line of SSDs comes in a total of three capacities; these capacities include a 256GB model, a 512 GB model, and a 1 TB model, all of which features different read and write speeds. The read and write speeds for the 256 GB model are 1,950 MB/s and 1,250 MB/s, respectively. The speeds for the 512 GB model are 2,050 MB/s for the read speed and 1,650 MB/s for the write speed, and the largest drive, the 1 TB model, features a read and write speed of 2,100 MB/s and 1,650 MB/s respectively.

These SSDs also feature a wide range of hardware and software protection for data and for the drive itself. These features include Global Wear Leveling, which can extend the life of the device and makes the SSD significantly more stable. Alongside the Global Wear Leveling, these drives feature an SLC Caching Algorithm, and this algorithm provides improved durability and as well as improved performance of the drive itself.

Sadly, KLEV hasn't announced any pricing for any of these devices yet.

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