Killing Floor 2 Infinite Onslaught Update Adds Endless Mode, New Weapons and Maps


Tripwire Interactive announced that the Infinite Onslaught content update, the first one to be released this year for Killing Floor 2, is now available for free on all platforms. At the same time, the developer announced that the first Killing Floor game (originally launched on May 14th, 2009) has now surpassed five million units sold.

Bill Munk, Product Lead for Killing Floor 2 at Tripwire Interactive, said:

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Continued sales for both the original Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 post-launch is the kind of thing that can’t happen unless we keep things new and exciting for players. That’s why post-launch content updates and continued support for the Killing Floor community continues to be a top priority for us.

Below you can find an overview of the main additions brought by Infinite Onslaught.

NEW ENDLESS MODE GAME TYPE                                                                       
  • Challenge the relentless waves of Zeds that become increasingly crushing as more waves are defeated while The Patriarch takes over in the role as The Trader
  • MAC- 10 SMG: Voted back by community popularity, the MAC- 10 SMG makes its triumphant return from the original Killing Floor, featuring incendiary ammo
  • Husk Cannon: Requisitioned from a Husk, it is time to bring more fire to the party
  • AF2011-A1 pistol: Killing two Zeds with one stone was never easier than holding the lovingly designed two-for-one pistol
  • Short for Domestic Assistant Robot, this new and improved fan favorite machine from the original Killing Floor is now freely available for Zed destroying services
  • Powercore: Designed by a community mapper, the subterranean facility is yours to defend
  • DieSector: The Patriach was very original when naming his new testing arena for his latest and greatest creations
  • The Vault has been stocked with additional cosmetics, character skins and weapon skins