It Is Now Possible to Run Android 10 on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note 3

Anil Ganti

Android, for all its benefits, is still behind the times when it comes to software updates. Currently, the best one can hope for is three major software releases, that too only on some Pixel and OnePlus phones. Everyone else has to be content with two updates, while Apple users are guaranteed up to five updates. Even the newly-released Android 10 is yet to make its way to most eligible devices. Thankfully, Android has a vibrant developer community that more than makes up for the lack of official support. And now, the folks over at XDA Developers forums have successfully created an Android 10 port for the nearly ten-year-old Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note 3.

LineageOS 17.1 brings Android 10 on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note 3

As expected, Android 10 comes to the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note 10 in the form of LineageOS 17.1. Although there is no 'official' build of LineageOS running Android 10, the unofficial versions seem to be working fine, barring a few small hiccups here and there.

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The Android 10 build is (mostly) functional on the Galaxy Note 3 because basic functions such as calls/text/data seem to work fine. The Galaxy S2's build, on the other hand, is a lot more unstable and to quote the devs it is "not recommended for daily use". Here's the list of what's working and what isn't:

- LiveDisplay
- PowerHAL
- Audio, including headset, bluetooth
- Wifi
- Touchkeys
- Camera Pictures
- Camera Videorecording
- Hardware encode/decoder
- Display
- Sensors

Not working:
- RIL (runs but doesn't work, crashes possibly due bionic/libc changes...)
- GPS not working, is hanging on native_init (is disabled in this build)
- Display has vsync issues and glitches

While there isn't much to be gained by sideloading Android 10 on an ancient device, you still get bragging rights. Both phones are still flagships and can help you get through some essentials with relative ease even today. If you're one of the few people who have held on to your Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note 3 till now, we'll include a detailed how-to on how to install the build on each device soon. Watch this space to know more about it.

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