Isometric Immersive Sim Weird West Delayed to January 2022

Alessio Palumbo
Weird West

WolfEye Studios and Devolver Digital announced the slight delay of Weird West, the isometric immersive simulation developed by former Arkane creatives. Previously planned for a late 2021 launch, Weird West will now materialize on January 11th, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series S|X platforms. Pre-orders are also open now, revealing the game's price of $39.99.

For more about the game, check out our fairly recent interview with Raphael Colantonio (Arx Fatalis, Dishonored, Prey) and Julien Roby (Arx Fatalis, Dishonored, Dark Messiah: Might and Magic).

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Discover a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures. Journey through the story of a group of atypical heroes, written into legend by the decisions you make in an unforgiving land. Each journey is unique and tailored to the actions taken - a series of high stakes adventures where everything counts and the world reacts to the choices you make. Form a posse or venture forth alone into an otherworldly confines of the Weird West and make each legend your own.

Weird West: Dark Fantasy reimagining of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures, each playing with their own rules and their own peculiar motives.

Intertwined Destinies: Discover the world through origin stories of different characters, moving from one character's journey to the next until all converge in a final chapter.

Bespoke Experience: Each playthrough is unique as the game tailors the story to the player's actions and past choices for an ideal dramatic arc.

Immersive Sim: Weird West supports different styles of play in a simulated sandbox world where characters, factions, and even places react to a player's decisions.

High Stakes: Players are faced with brutal choices and consequence that can't be undone - including death.

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