iPhones in Russia are Finally Showing Government-Mandated Apps to Install


We recently reported how Apple finally agreed to comply with the Russian legislation that would require phone manufacturers to have preinstalled apps as part of the initial setup. Considering how we are in April, it has finally come into effect as Apple has enabled this system from the server-side. This means that after you set up the normal iPhone setup process, iOS will now direct you to a special App Store collection of apps; the Russian government chooses the apps that you find in this versionthat you find in this version.

The Required Apps on iPhones in Russia are Not As Dubious as We Thought.

Surprisingly, the whole process is a lot easier than a lot of us thought it would be. Sure, the user is taken to the App Store collection by force, but you can dismiss it by pressing the normal close button found in the corner. Users also have to choose the apps on their own if they are looking to install them or not.

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Apple has made it clear that this step is required so they can comply with the local laws, with the setup process explicitly informing the users that "in compliant with Russian legal requirements, continue to view available apps download." This is how the screen looks like, thanks to @KhaosT.

At the moment, the apps you are going to get include Yandex Browser, Yandex Maps, Mail.ru, the Russian federation public services app, and Russian social networking service. However, these apps can change in the future with the exclusion or inclusion of more apps.

Apple has previously talked about how all apps must comply with the App Store Review guidelines; although the Russian government will decide what app appears on the list, it can never have apps that do not adhere to the App Store guidelines.

Apple is normally not so lenient in compliance, but this is a nice change for the company. This means that Apple's previous speculations will choose to exit the market are no longer in place.