iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Now Being Sold as Refurbished Models on Apple’s Website, Starting From Just $699

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Refurbished Models Start From $699 on Apple’s Website

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max refurbished models are now available on Apple’s website starting at a price of $699. The California-based giant has stocked the 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage variants on its online store. If you’re a customer living in the U.S. and want a cheaper iPhone that was only launched in September 2018, you’re in luck.

All iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Refurbished Models Are Available in Their Unlocked, SIM-Free Versions

In addition to the three storage variants, the Space Gray, Silver, and Gold finishes are also available, giving customers lots of options. According to Apple, all refurbished models come with a fresh battery and outer chassis, plus a brand new white box. All accessories and manuals that were shipped with brand new versions of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will also be found in the refurbished models. Best of all, customers get one-year warranty for these variants starting from the date of purchase.

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Apple also states that it carries out a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure its goods present the highest quality to the customer. If for any reason, a customer isn’t satisfied with the product, they can return it within 14 days and can either choose something else or receive a full refund. Customers who want to safeguard their possessions can also purchase AppleCare warranty. Also, if you’re having difficulty pushing yourself towards getting such a product, we highly recommend reading our buying guide for used or refurbished items.

Sadly, the iPhone XR isn’t being offered at Apple’s refurbished online store. Instead, customers can choose to grab a brand new one starting at $599. Originally offered at $749, the price cut was introduced when Apple unveiled the cheaper, yet more powerful and feature-enriched iPhone 11 for $699. According to previous reports, the iPhone 11 accounted for 39 percent of all iPhone models during the U.S. holiday season for this quarter, showing that Apple’s strategy of providing less expensive models to the masses has paid off dividends.

Will you get an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max refurbished model from Apple’s online store? Let us know down in the comments.

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