iPhone XS Max Features the Best Screen on a Smartphone, According to Display Calibration Experts

Omar Sohail

The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS both feature a 120Hz touch sample rate OLED screen that would have improved upon a little ever since Apple gravitated to using this display technology on the iPhone X. Now, display calibration experts got their hands on the larger variant of the two and state that the 6.5-inch flagship sports the best smartphone display right now.

iPhone XS Max Features Notable Improvements Over the iPhone X Including Maximum Brightness and Better Color Accuracy

According to Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies, the bigger iPhone XS Max has improved considerably, as it now boasts a peak full-screen brightness of up to 660 nits for the sRGB and DCI-P3 colour gamuts. This helps to improve screen visibility in high ambient lighting conditions. By comparison, the iPhone X achieved a peak full-screen brightness of 634 nits when it was reviewed by the same experts a year ago.

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Additionally, the screen reflectance that DisplayMate measured on the iPhone XS Max was found out to be 4.7 percent, which is close to the lowest that it has ever measured for a smartphone. As a result of this high brightness and low reflectance, the iPhone XS Max has one of the best contrast ratings in high ambient light on any smartphone DisplayMate has ever tested.

“The OLED panels in iPhone XS allow for an HDR display with the industry’s best color accuracy, true blacks, and remarkable brightness and contrast. They’re the sharpest displays, with the highest pixel density, on any Apple device.”

Only a while back, DisplayMate rated the Galaxy Note 9’s screen with an A+ score, but the iPhone XS Max’s display was able to scale past its closest flagship rival. After all, when you have a supplier like Samsung and Apple’s requirement to have the best in both quality and quantity, you get an immaculate display recipe which is now present on both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Just to be clear, both devices sport the exact display, with the only difference being the screen size and resolution. DisplayMate might have given the larger iPhone more thought due to its obvious size advantage and higher pixel count.

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News Source: DisplayMate

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