How to adjust the brightness from the homescreen on your iPhone / iPod Touch

Rizwan Anwer

Are you one of those who likes to keep their brightness low during net surfing and take it up a bit while watching movies or YouTube videos? Are you tired of having to navigate from your running application all the way back to settings and having to adjust your brightness? Well with this simple tweak you can now adjust your brightness effortlessly with the help of multitasking.

The following tweak is very useful to those of you who want to shave a few seconds off your time of switching between your active running application and the settings page, with the help of the following tweak you will only need to double the home button twice, swipe twice to the right and change your brightness from there! This is of course a Cydia tweak and does require a jailbroken iPod Touch / iPhone 4.

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Go To "Search" from the bottom and type " com.joshualeetucker.brightnessbar " without the " "
  3. Tap on Drill icon (if done right this should be the only icon) and from the top right choose "Install"
  4. Once it is installed you will be taken back to your homescreen and all you have to do is
  • Double tap the home button
  • swipe your finger to the bottom twice until you see the volume bar being replaced by a brightness bar
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