iPhone XI Max For 2019 Will Feature A 4000 mAh Battery, 15W Charging

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Over these past few weeks, we've witnessed a rather interesting iPhone 'leak' come to light. This is in the form of an image that allegedly depicts the iPhone XI. While it's highly likely that Apple has finalized this year's iPhone design (since these things are set in motion at least a year before launch), it's also likely that the aforementioned image might have been 'leaked' just to elicit and understand the public's reaction. While we can't prove this, what we can tell you is that a set of specifications for what's dubbed as the 'iPhone XI Max' have surfaced from the Chinese social network Weibo. Head over below for more details.

Apple's 2019 iPhone XI Max Will Feature A 4000mAh Battery, 90-120Hz Screen And 15W Charging Claims Report

If you're an Android user who'd love to see some heavy duty specifications on Apple's 2019 iPhone, today's report is bound to make you happy. It's from a Chinese source that claims to have knowledge of some of the 2019 iPhone XI Max's specifications. These include the gadget's battery size, display and camera specifications.

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According to the information, the iPhone XI Max will feature a 4000mAh battery which will be an 826mAh increase over the iPhone XS Max. To help you gauge this change, keep in mind that the iPhone 8 Plus features a 2691mAh battery which is 484mAh smaller than the iPhone XS Max's power pack.

The alleged iPhone XI due for launch later this year.

The iPhone XI Max will also feature 15W charging, and the device will feature a triple camera setup - a detail that has also surfaced previously. This setup will feature a wide angle, a super wide angle and a telephoto lens. The smartphone's display will have a 90-120Hz screen refresh rate, which is bound to make a lot of gaming folks very happy. If you ask us, all these upgrades (except for a 4000mAh battery) sound very plausible for what will be the iPhone's first true generational upgrade since Apple introduced the lineup's current design theme on the iPhone X.

The Cupertino tech giant might be in a tricky spot if the stock market continues to believe that it has lost its touch with the iPhone. Apple's established iPhone user base does not want to upgrade, and as a result, not only is the company doing all that it can to entice users to upgrade, but it might also have a couple of new tricks up its sleeve. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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