The iPhone of the Future Could Function Without You Physically Touching Its Screen


Having shifted away from the home button and introduced a button-less screen with the inception of the iPhone X, Apple wants to diversify itself from the crowded market with a new design and even better functionality. While it will be a couple of years before the first commercial product bearing new technology arrives, your next iPhone could have a touchscreen that will work without you having to physically touch the display to make it possible.

The Next iPhone Could Also Sport a Curved Display and Better Design to Stand Out From the Competitive Phone Market

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple could be designing a brand new iPhone, possibly separate from a foldable iPhone and that model could have several variations that will separate it from the rest of the competition. Another piece of technology is going to be a touchless screen gesture.

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If and when you bring your fingers in close proximity to the smartphone display, you will be able to perform functions such as swiping up and down without actually touching the panel of the device. Samsung already showcased this with the release of the Galaxy S4 and it was called Air Gestures. With the next iPhone, we could see something even more seamless, such as swiping up and down from a distance.

It will definitely take a while for the next iPhone to come to the market and it featuring a curved display means that the phone will most likely feature an OLED or microLED panel. This is because these are the only displays which are flexible enough to make a curved smartphone panel and Apple also has a secret facility where it is reportedly working to bring mass produce microLED screens to the market thanks to their large number of benefits (you can read up on the manufacturing and property differences between microLED and OLED here).

For 2018, Apple is developing a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus, which is said to cost $999 while the iPhone X successor is said to cost the end user $899. There is also going to be a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with a bezel-less screen so we’ll be looking forward to that too.

News Source: Bloomberg