Quantic Dream – The Studio Behind Heavy Rain is Looking For a Costume Designer

It seems that it's starting to become a trend, for developers to be looking into using individuals with experience in creating unique patterns and designs. Sucker Punch recently started looking for a Pattern Designer, and now Quantic Dream is searching for an actual costume designer. It would have been possible, with some amount of research to acquire the knowledge of a certain style or a period's attire, in which to dress-up their characters. Although resorting to using individuals with an extensive background in the field, could prove quite beneficial, and give the characters in their games a more unique and realistic look.

Below you can check out how Quantic Dream's job description reads:

Quantic Dream is looking for an experienced costume designer for its next game project on next generation game consoles. Within our design department, you will be expected to work closely with the Art Directors to make sure the costume design fit in with their overall vision and the chosen atmosphere and global environment of the game. You will be in charge of creating a coherent wardrobe for each character in accordance with his/her part, social class, age but also the game’s time period and area. Your research and designs will be based on a comprehensive documentation found in the various contemporary artistic and architectural medias. Your work will not be limited to choosing and creating the proper garments for each character but also finding accurate accessories, hairstyle and make-up when necessary.


you will be in charge of:

  • delivering a coherent overall costume vision that fits in with the visual developed by the art team.
  • breaking down the game design scene by scene, in order to work out how many characters are involved, and what costumes are required.
  • working closely with the characters’ designers in order to document their designs and create costume variations for each character.
  • creating technical drawings of each piece of garment for each costume.
  • creating garments’ lists in order to clothe the background characters.

Required Skills

  • creativity, reactivity and ability to adapt to constraints.
  • excellent technical drawing skills.
  • good communication and organisation skills.
  • good research skills and knowledge of costume history and modern fashion.
  • good stamina and the ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines.
  • highly organised.
  • able to break down scripts in terms of costume plots, and have knowledge of story structure and character arcs.
  • knowledge of textiles.
  • a wide-ranging cultural knowledge base.
  • a good eye for detail.
  • a flexible and adaptable attitude.Mandatory requirements : significant experience as a costume designer+personal portfolio.

Quantic Dream might be working on a period title for the PS4

Quantic Dream, is one of the industry's most talented studios, focused on delivering cinematic experiences, that place great emphasis in providing, as authentic as possible characters. Their increased focus on realistic depictions result in a more life-like experience that results in a much bigger impact and effect, due to the serious nature of their titles. David Cage, the studio's founder, as well as the writer and director of most titles, is indeed a visionary in the respect of providing as true to life experiences.

If Quantic Dream is actually working on a period title, it could be quite exciting, and I am looking forward to the game's reveal. I have enjoyed Heavy Rain immensely, and I do confess that I value a great story, and I find that Quantic Dream's approach in story telling, does actually have a greater impact in its delivery.

We will keep you informed with any new information on Quantic Dream, as well as their new PlayStation 4 title.

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